•  Odin Halotestin 10mg - 30 tabs (USA DOMESTIC)

Odin Halotestin 10mg - 30 tabs (USA DOMESTIC)

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Halotestin with the active substance Fluoxymesterone is considered to be the most powerful orally active androgenic and anabolic steroid.

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Manufacturer: Odin Anabolics

Pharmaceutical name: Fluoxymesterone

Pack: 10mg/tablet_30 tabs

What is Halotestin?

Halotestin is the most popular brand name of the active substance Fluoxymesterone. You may find this active ingredient (the actual androgenic and anabolic steroid) being sold as numerous other brands, however, Halotestin remains the most popular. Halotestin is very often shortly called Halo.


Fluoxymesterone – Halotestin Results

The results of Halotestin can be positive (benefits) and negative (side effects).

Below you’ll find some of the most notorious benefits of Fluoxymesterone as well as some of the worst and common side effects of this powerful orally active steroid.

Halotestin Positive Results

Strength and Energy Boost. Despite its huge potency, Halo is not very effective at building muscle mass. Instead, Halo is truly amazing at increasing your strength levels and energy. This makes it effective for bodybuilders, fighters, and powerlifters.

Fat Loss. Halotestin is having extremely helpful effects when talking about burning body fat. It keeps your muscles intact while helping get off the fat.

Aggression and Drive. While aggression is often considered a negative side effect – when it is put to good use – aggression can be very effective. For example – in the gym when working out. The steroid would help you push your body to the limits. 


If you just started with Halotestin, start at a very low dosage of only 10-20 mg a day. Being super powerful, the compound will do well in offering benefits.

When having more experience, you could go to 20-30 mg a day.

Only professionals may attempt 40 mg a day, but never exceeding this dosage.

Fluoxymesterone is having a half life of about 6-8 hours and that’s why the total daily dosage should be spread throughout the day. Most people love to use 10 mg before their workout for extra strength and aggression, all the rest of the dosage is taken during the day. 20-30 mg a day in total would offer crazy results.

Depending on what exactly you need – stack Halotestin dosage with according steroid. Halotestin is not going to pack on a lot of muscle mass because is not aromatized, although it does help you gain some lean muscles and overall make you look drier and harder.


Product Spec
Substance Fluoxymesterone
Active Dosage 10mg/tablet
Form 30 Tablets x 10mg.
Category Oral
Classification Anabolic Steroid
Half Life 9 hours
Dosage Men 10-40 mg/day
Acne Yes
Water Retention YNo
HBR Perhaps
Aromatization No
Hepatoxity High
Pharmaceutical Name Fluoxymesterone
Chemical structure 9a-fluoro-11b,17b-dihydroxy-17a-methyl-4-androsten-3-on
Molecular Structure C20H29FO3
Molecular Weight 336.4457

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